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The DigiCoinsTM program is an all inclusive "next generation" Smart Card Technology that provides enhanced gift, loyalty and prepaid stored value solutions.

The DigiCoinTM
A DigiCoin; It's a Digital Value loaded onto your DigiVaultTM from a DigiBizTM (Retailer)

The DigiVaultTM
A DigiVaultTM; It''s a Card, it's a cell phone, it's a watch, it's a token you name it. It's anything we can embed a chip or antenna inside. Let your imagination run wild.

It's THE Reward Program

  • Shop at any participating DigiBizTM and get DigiCoinsTM rebates
  • No need to reach a certain amount to redeem
  • No waiting to redeem
  • Use your DigiCoinsTM for any rewards or save your DigiCoinsTM for even bigger rewards.

It's THE Gift Program

  • Gift Giving made easy... 'THE' DigiVaultTM is accepted at all DigiBizTM
  • You have control... you decide on the gift amount of DigiCoinsTM
  • Give Value... the DigiVaultTM and the DigiReaderTM gift package.
  • The only Gift Program that keeps on giving and giving and giving... with the DigiCoinsTM rebates.

It's 'THE' Reloadable Program

  • You can load DigiCoinsTM to your DigiVaultTM at any DigiBizTM Get It, Load It, Use It as your day-to-day payment method.

It's 'THE' Payment Program
  • Load it, use it, as your day-to-day payment method.
  • It's Smart, It's Simple, It's Secure, just tap your DigiVaultTM and go.

It's 'THE' Management Program

  • Visit digicoins.com and get detail reports of transactions by date/time, amount, DigiBizTM and much more...
  • Use your DigiVaultTM as a budgeting tool.
  • It's easy to keep track of your DigiCoinsTM

Imagine The Possibilities