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PlusWho is DigiCoins Canada inc.?
PlusWhat is a Smart Card?
PlusCan I transfer DigiCoins from my DigiVault to someone else's DigiVault?
PlusWhat happens if I lose my DigiVault?
PlusHow do I register my DigiVault?
PlusWhere can I check my balance?
PlusCan I return a DigiVault if it has been given to me as a Gift?
PlusIs there a minimum number of DigiCoins required for redemption?
PlusIs there an expiry date on the DigiVault?
PlusHow do I know my DigiVault Number?
PlusIf I lose my DigiVault, can someone else use my DigiCoins?
PlusCan I redeem my DigiCoins for cash?
PlusWhat do I do if I forget my website password?
PlusIs there a waitting period when I transfer DigiCoins to another DigiVault?
PlusIs there a time limit on how long I have to spend my DigiCoins?
PlusCan I print reports from the website?
PlusWill I receive emails regarding upcoming promotions?
PlusWhere can I find the terms of use, privacy policy?
PlusWhat do I do if my DigiVault does not work at a merchant?
PlusIs there a limit of DigiCoins I can collect?
PlusWhat are the benefits to this program?
PlusWhat makes DigiCoins Canada Inc. different from other programs?